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Meet your new Mercedes mechanic Brisbane. We’re your new go-to European car mechanics, making your Mercedes service more convenient for you.

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Your New Mercedes Mechanic Brisbane

Experience Top-Notch Mercedes Servicing in Brisbane at Bosch Service Centre. Your ultimate choice for exceptional Mercedes maintenance and repair in Brisbane.

Personal Customer Service

We know communicating with you is key. We’ll always keep in contact with you while we have your car. We’ll seek your approval before running repairs and we’ll explain any breaks or required repairs to you in a language you understand.

Affordable Mercedes Service

We’ll never charge you extra for owning a European car. We only charge for parts and labour — never the luxury or European car tax. Our mechanics are committed to offering a more affordable Mercedes service to Brisbane.

Four Convenient Workshops

With four workshops across Brisbane, we’re more convenient to get to, unlike dealerships that are either dead in the city or out in the suburbs. Located in Milton, Bulimba, Woolloongabba, and Newstead, we have a workshop near you.

Why choose Bosch Service Brisbane for your Mercedes Service

Of course, choosing a local mechanic has crossed your mind before but is it worth it? Dealerships say that if you take your car to a regular mechanic, your warranty will expire, your resale value will dwindle, and your logbook won’t be stamped. Car dealerships use these scare tactics to make sure car owners take their cars to them for their Mercedes service. The truth is, as long as your logbook gets stamped by a qualified mechanic, your resale value will stay in tact. So will your warranty.

We’re fully qualified and highly experienced Mercedes mechanics with the latest diagnostic technology. We’ll complete your Mercedes service to your manufacturer’s specifications and we’ll stamp your logbook. Our mechanics will always use genuine Mercedes parts too. It means you’ll leave paying way less than you otherwise would have at the dealership. It also means you’ll receive a much higher standard of workmanship and customer service.

Mercedes Service Brisbane

We’re offering a more affordable Mercedes service to Brisbane. Our car services are always done by the book, using genuine Mercedes parts. We’ll inspect your entire car and engine, topping up or changing fluids, checking and changing fuel and oil filters, and double checking for general road safety. We’ll complete any special servicing events specified by your logbook too.We only charge for parts and labour when we service your Mercedes — we’ll never tack on the European car tax. While we’re servicing your Mercedes, we’ll check it over for any damage. If we find you’re in need of a repair, we’ll always contact you first. We’ll explain what the issue is, how we’ll repair it, and how urgent it is for the repair to be completed. Then we’ll provide you with an over-the-phone quote, so you can decide before you see the bill.

Mercedes Repair Brisbane

Think you might be in need of a repair on your Mercedes Brisbane? Our mechanics are experts in Mercedes repairs. Whether it’s a simple, run-of-the-mill repair, or something a bit more complex, you can trust your mechanics at Bosch. We’ll always contact you before running a repair. We’ll let you know what we’ve found, why it’s an issue, and how important it is for you to get it fixed now. Then we’ll let you know how much we estimate it to cost, so you can make an educated decision. Our mechanics are always transparent with you and never cut corners.

Log book servicing
General repairs
Wheel alignments
Brake servicing
Many more

European Car Mechanics with the latest Diagnostic Scanners

When you bring your car to Bosch Service Centre, we’ll provide you with the very best Mercedes service Brisbane. We’re equipped with the latest in diagnostic technology and our mechanics are trained experts in providing a Mercedes service as well as European car servicing generally. We get that European and luxury cars can become really expensive to own, especially when it comes to your car service — we only charge for parts and labour.

What sets Bosch Service Brisbane apart?

Our commitment to customer service, extensive experience in the field, and high-quality workmanship are just a few reasons why Brisbane residents trust us with their European cars.

Transparency and communication
We always ensure our customers are aware of any work being done on their vehicles, providing quotes and explanations before proceeding. We also keep you updated throughout the process, so there are no surprises when you come to collect your car. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is always happy to answer them
Service tailored to your needs
At Bosch Service Brisbane, we're dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our team always aims to explain the repairs needed or work being undertaken in an easy-to-understand manner. We also provide honest advice about service, repair, and maintenance options for your European car.
Flexibility and convenience
With five locations across Brisbane, we make it easy for you to drop off and pick up your car. Find us in Bulimba, Milton, Newstead, West End, and Woollongabba. We provide secure drop-off services at each location, allowing you to safely leave your car and keys with us at a time that best suits your schedule.
Affordable pricing
Whether you require a Volkswagen service, Land Rover repair, or anything in between, our experienced team of Brisbane Euro specialists is on hand to provide top-quality work at competitive pricing. We also offer affordable payment options, such as Afterpay. Our competitive pricing is just another reason we provide European car service Brisbane trusts.